Pair Boo Macaws Parrots Plus Cages

£700 GBP
 Lincoln, Lincolnshire
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Birds for Sale (New)
 18 September 2019 at 17:50
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 Lincoln, Lincolnshire
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Pair boo macaw parrots for new and ready homes.

Macaw birds are 12 months old.

Macaw birds are vaccinated for 12 months and will be delivered with their papers.

Macaw birds will be delivered with their cages.

The prices are good and affordable for any lovely person or family better still home.

Serious and interested persons should contact.

Whatsap number will be made available.

Once any serious and interested person call the call phone number, the number is also available on Whatsap.

Returns: Item can be returned within 30 days. Buyer pays return postage.
 Pair Boo Macaws Parrots Plus Cages: £700 GBP
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 27 Sep 2019
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