Retro Sideboard Cabinet

£340 GBP
 Clapham, London
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Item Location, London Area
 07 February 2020 at 18:56
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 Ealing, London
Size: X-Large
 Deptford, London
 Deptford, London
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This retro sideboard cabinet has been upcycled in a lovely grey colour on the outside - and a orange color inside. On the front is decoupaged in a geometric design to match the colours of the grey and orange. There is plenty of storage to store glasses plates ext - and a turntable cabinet to store condiments. A drawer which I have decoupaged in same geometric design as well. It has many uses and could be used as a record player stand - or as a display cabinet. This would be a fantastic cocktail cabinet - lovely area to display the glasses Please be aware this is a vintage cabinet so may have some wear - but I feel this just adds to the character. I have upcycled to a good condition . 122cm long x 42cm depth 36cm height Free deliveries 5 miles from my house or I can deliver at a small fee
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 Retro Sideboard Cabinet: £340 GBP
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