Tooti Fruiti Shower Soap Whip

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 Manchester, Lancashire
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 23 March 2020 at 11:56
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No bath? Not a problem... we've got you covered with our range of new exclusive Tooti Fruiti Shower Whips. Perfect for the whole family! Children are OBSESSED! A delicious, vibrant & luxurious creamy whipped soap, in between a solid soap and a shower gel, packed with natural oils and butters for a nice lathery, moisturising clean feeling. These whips are perfect for shaving, washing & for your hair!, Plus a tiny bit goes a long way! Bonus! Tooti Fruiti Shower Whip is a super exciting vibrant blend of sweet and fruity fragrances, all coming together to bring you our best selling shower whip. What more could you want? How to use: Simply open the tub, scoop some onto your fingers, rub onto your body to create a lather and wash off! All products are vegan friendly & cruelty free! All items are assessed & tested & comply with the EU/IFRA regulations. Please use within 6 months of purchase. Each tub contains approx 120g of whip. Not suitable for under 3 years of age. It may look and smell tasty however it is not edible.
Postage: Collection available. Item can be dispatched within 6-9 working days.
Returns: Returns not accepted.
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 Tooti Fruiti Shower Soap Whip: £3.99 GBP
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