12v 26ah AGM Standard Battery for Sale

£75 GBP
 Worcester Park, London
Golf Equipment (New)
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 01 October 2019 at 10:39
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Sealed Lead Acid battery. Suitable for all golf trolleys and anything requiring a 12v supply.

Model: As picture
Capacity: 12v 28Ah capacity
Type: AGM Deep cycle battery.
Weight: 9.5kg
Size: W 160mm x L 175mm x H 125mm
Applications: Suitable for use with the Powerhouse Golf trollies, and similar. Medium use.
Life expectancy*: 150-250 Cycles depending on terrain and charger type.
Duration: 18-27 hole capacity depending on terrain and user weight. Medium use.
Features: High performance Deep Cycle batteries, with Ultra Deep Discharge recovery.
Warranty: This battery comes with full 12 pro rata guarantee.
Usage: Can be used anyway around as it is non spillable. Must be stored in charged condition.
Postage: Collection Only
 12v 26ah AGM Standard Battery for Sale: £75 GBP
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