48v 100ah Lithium Battery Pack Inc Charger for Sale

£2190 GBP
 Deptford, London
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Golf Equipment (New)
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 05 August 2019 at 10:39
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 Tottenham, London
 Abbey Wood, London
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 West Drayton, London
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The Powerhouse 48v 100Ah Lithium Ion Battery uses the very latest technology, and is designed to replace your standard heavy lead acid batteries on any Double seater electric golf buggy. The battery weighs just under 45kg, saving almost 165kg when compared to the lead acid equivalent. This prevents fatigue on the buggy and more importantly extended revenue as it allows for the buggy to work longer in to the winter months, when double buggies using lead acid batteries would experience a buggy ban.

Check this link for more details and purchase for 48v 100Ah Lithium battery from Powerhouse Golf
Kindly ask for price.
 48v 100ah Lithium Battery Pack Inc Charger for Sale: £2190 GBP
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