NEW Crackle Printed White Shirt 100% Cotton Size Medium

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 Watford, Hertfordshire
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 21 March 2020 at 21:12
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 Watford, Hertfordshire
 Watford, Hertfordshire
 Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire
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NEW WITH TAGS. RRP £45 DESCRIPTION The Crackle slim fit shirt is our twisted take on the classic white shirts; it features an all-over crackle print which sits alongside classic details such as a covered button placket and point collar. Nail any dress code, just switch up the suit and the crackle shirt will take you from Friday night drinks to black-tie events. Men's Printed Shirt White Printed Shirt Point Collar Covered Button Placket FABRIC CARE Exterior: 100% Cotton Machine Washable LISTED ON OTHER SELLING SITES. NO RESERVE - FIRST TO COLLECT ASAP!!
Suitable for: Men
Returns: Returns not accepted.
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