Stag Bedroom set

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 Wandsworth, London
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 17 January 2020 at 21:26
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Beautiful stag set which have been lovingly upcycled. I reupholstery the stool with a new emerald green fabric. I’ve sanded down and painted all the furniture and painted in ash grey by fusion mineral paint. I took all the handles of and restored by to its original gold. The mirror can move inwards and up and down. This is a beautiful vintage stag set and will look lovely in any bedroom Stag tall boy Width: 83.0 cm Height: 112.0 cm Depth: 46.5 cm Stag chest of drawers Height 71cm, Width 82cm, Depth 47cm. Stag dressing table and stool W152cm, D47cm, H130cm- H72cm without mirror 2 x Stag bedside tables Height 50cm Width 53cm Depth 46.5cm If you are interested in only one chest of drawers or would not like all the cabinets please email me and we can come to a arrangement. Free deliveries 5 miles from my house or I can deliver at a charge This is a vintage item so may have some wear but for its age it’s in great condition and have been upcycled to a great look.
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 Stag Bedroom set: £1350 GBP
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