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 Islington, London
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Massage (Services)
Islington, London Area
 22 November 2018 at 03:48
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D E E P R E L A X A T I O N | F U L L B O D Y M A S S A G E

A professional and reliable (mobile) massage service in the city of London.

Classic Massage (Incall) | 60 Minutes, £40 / 90 Minutes, £50 (most popular) / 120 Minutes, £70

Classic Massage (Outcall) | 60 Minutes, £60 / 90 Minutes, £80 / 120 Minutes, £90

Potential Benefits of the Deep Relaxation Massage

- Warms and stretches superficial tissue.
- Increases blood flow throughout your body.
- Promotes a sense of wellness and relaxation.
- Decreases cortisol levels in the body, reducing stress.


Before your massage you will remove your clothes (except for underwear / it's all up to you), and lie on the table / the bed covered by a towel. Your therapist will use oils & cream to apply various massage strokes, which will gently warm your muscle tissues and gradually break down any knots.

Deep Relaxation Massage Techniques

Deep Relaxation Massage relieves muscle tension and increases blood circulation around the body. Your therapist will use massage oils or creams to soften the muscles through long, slow strokes and gentle-but-firm pulling and pressing. This treatment is extremely relaxing, and you shouldn’t expect to feel uncomfortable at any time.

A 30 year old professional male masseuse having special techniques is ready for massage service. If you need relaxation, please feel free to contact me any time you want. Note : This offer includes head massage for your relaxation, wellness, and health. After the first time, there is always 'Regular Customer Discount' for you!

Thank you very much for your interest.
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