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Miroving`s Caduceus

The Device

Caduceus is a device used for energetic defence. It has been known from Al. Numkin`s work "Miroving`s magical gifts" / from Russian "Волшебные дары Мировинга"/. It`s hand made while the original instructions are strictly executed + significant improvements are made regarding the power and range of influence. After its creation, each device`s range of positive influence is tested. The greatly improved model with golden active surfaces emits a positive guarding energy field with a radius of more than 16 meters, which neutralizes negative influences of all kind - technogenic or other. Measurments - 10/4/3.5 cm, weight - 120 grams. Appearance - black leather case (do not remove the case, the device is meant to be used with the case on).

Principle of work

The Caduceus is a small but powerful concentrator and emitter of positive energy acumulated naturally from the nature and emitted as a sphere. It`s a modern interpretation of an ancient technology used by the Slavs. The Caduceus is used for personal energy protection as well as for removing negative influences in your home.

Way of use

The device should be carried in a handbag, pocket or should be left lying on a flat surface. It has a great use in a car, the best place is in the middle(between the front seats or next to the hand brake). The device is perfect for people with high-risk professions (policeman, public prosecutors, professional drivers and others) as well as for people working in a tense environment and under stress.


Inside its effective radius (16 meters around the device), a concentration of positive energy is observed. This influences people and objects and as a result of that conflicts and arguments happen less, partially or completely it affects headache and all forms of unnatural tension and stress. All the "random negative happenings" dissapear because they are usually caused by outher influence. Subjectivly the effect of Caduceus could be felt by most people like warmer, more pleasent area, filled with energizing positive charge of living energy.

Storage and maintenance

The device should be stored in regular conditions, the temperature should be up to 60 degrees Celsius. The Caduceus does not contain any magnetic elements and is safe near electronics - cell phones, computers, etc. It should be cleaned with water and soft cloth without the use of invasive chemicals, alchohol or solvents. It could be used for an unlimited amount of time and does not need any kind of maintenance. Keep away from hard mechanical blows, throwing or soaking underwater.
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