Edwardian Style Cabinet

£50 GBP
 Liverpool, Merseyside
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Home & Garden (Used)
Liverpool, Merseyside Area
 27 May 2017 at 00:00
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 Woolton, Merseyside
£25 GBP
 Liverpool, Merseyside
 Liverpool, Merseyside
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This item has been kept in good condition and was purchased a while ago for around £400, but has been painted white by the previous owner, it was originally mahogany.

The only fault with this item is the bottom right drawer can be a little stiff, but overall is a nice piece of furniture and is great for showing off any ornaments, photographs, etc.

(We are selling this item for such a low price, as we just want to get rid of it for more modern furniture)

Swaps may be accepted :)
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 Edwardian Style Cabinet: £50 GBP
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