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 Ashford, Surrey
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 14 May 2017 at 00:00
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We are a professional and dedicated Window cleaning company, offering the best residential and commercial service in west and southwest London. We take pride in meeting the needs of all our clients.

We use specialised water fed poles with a purified water system and high quality synthetic brushs to clean your windows, conservatory's and even solar panels back to new again, We make sure that there are no more streaks, smudges, cobwebs or grime left on your windows or solar panels.

We're also an Eco friendly Company using only Purified water which has been run through 4 filtration systems to make sure of it's 100% purity, This means no chemicals in our water what so ever! And also means there is no harm to the environment.
The cleaning process is ladder-less so you will no longer have to worry about any ladders damaging your property.

We can also reach heights of up to 60ft from ground level, this is a height that most window cleaners can't get to, so if you have a property that is high up or you live in a block of flats or even an office block that needs cleaning contact us today.
Our cleaners carry with them 2 forms of registered identification, are covered with trading standards and insured for your peace of mind.


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Call us today between 9AM & 5PM Monday to Friday and 9AM to 1PM on Saturday:
or by email on:
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