Dreadlock Extensions, Natural Dreads, Call Natasha for a Free Consultation.

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 Camden Town, London
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 04 June 2018 at 15:43
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Natasha specialises, particularly in quality dreadlock extensions, dreads from scratch, maintenance using a Japanese, fine crochet hook, technique ensuring an instant and solid dreadlock from your first visit.

* NO BREAKAGES. ( important part of the process).

Expect a fast & efficient service from Natasha. Please read through & contact Natasha & get a FULL description & breakdown of the process & specific technique she offers.

You Can always expect a prompt answer to any of your questions regards to dreadlocks. A Detailed explanation in to the mechanics of how these dreadlocks are made described in your personal consultation.

She is available to help with any matters to do with dreadlocks. With 17 years experience, her skills to tackle any dreadlock dilemma have always proven to please a happy client.

Natasha deals with all hair types and the price does vary depending on the length of your hair, how many dreadlocks you wish to have and the desired outcome you wish to receive.

She also specialises in NATURAL looking dreadlocks, using a unique technique , from Japan, practiced for 15 years getting the dreadlocks looking NEAT and TIDY from day one.

* SUPER FINE CROCHETNEEDLE - A detailed explanation in to the mechanics of how these dreadlocks are Made described in consultation.

* NO CHEMICALS are used.


* STYLISH, solid, fashionableDreadlocks from day one.

* NEW WORK ( dreads from scratch).

DREADLOCKEXTENSIONS ( only dreadlocks )

MAINTENANCE ( repair work ) re-inter matting / tightened to create s permanent consistent Dreadlock
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 Questions / Reviews 
 07 Aug 2018
natasha says,
 Hi jenny. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, the roots will just need re-intermatted
 05 Jun 2018
Jenny says,
 How long does it last before it needs to be redone?
 16 Mar 2018
Denise says,
Reply from owner
 hello. Thank you for your enquiry. You may contact me on on WhatsApp +447792003293. Here i can take you through your free consultation. Best wishes
 10 Mar 2018
Gini says,
 Do you visit as well?
Reply from owner
 hello. Thank you for your enquiry. yes i do home visits. I do ask that the house is non smoking, good lighting. You may contact me on on WhatsApp +447792003293. Here i can take you through your free consultation. Best wishes
 06 Mar 2018
Hema says,
 I will let my friend know. She was looking
Reply from owner
 Thanks for your enquiry. To begin the consultation process, please 3 good pictures taken with a plain background & good lighting. Sides & back. Also, pictures or ideas of the desired, ultimate, look your going for (link attached will take you to my page & photos with examples) I can then get a clear idea of what you'd like. We can then discuss all your options with regards to reconstructing your dreadlocks, creating new taylor made dread Extentions or dreads from scratch. I look forward to yo
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